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Title: Amor Con Amor Se Paga (Love is Paid With Love)
Fandom: The Losers
Pairing/Characters: Cougar/Jensen
Rating: Mature
Warning: Oral sex, toys, slight gun fetish
Summary: Cougar's new gun get Jensen hot. Cougar teases Jensen.
Disclaimer: Not mine they belong to Warner Bros et al.
Notes: Part of my endeavor into [community profile] kink_bingo for my Sex Toys (Worn Under Clothing) prompt.
Word Count: 1495

“Special delivery, hot off the line.”

Cougar lifted his head from its resting spot on his chest and peered up at Pooch as he and Clay dropped off a wooden crate on the rickety table. They were off on a special mission in Egypt, Cario specifically. It was hot and arid and filled with sand. They were there to deal with people who had detained several scientists from different countries on the premise of something bad to come.

Working his way to his feet, Cougar adjusted his hat and peered over at the crate as Pooch wrenched it open with a crowbar. Cougar hummed delightedly as he rounded the table and let his fingers sneak into the box stuffed with hay. “Dios mio...”

“We had it flown in for you since your other one started going on the fritz.”

Cougar’s mouth turned down. No one insulted Maria like that and he fixed a stern glare on Pooch in warning before wrapping his fingers around the stock and lifting the gun out of the box and letting out a quick rush of breath. It was strong and sturdy, but had a certain lightness to it. He let his fingers stroke down the long, slender barrel as he turned the weapon over in his hands.

“What are the stats for it?”

“Rotary bolt action, eight hundred and twenty three meters per second, five round detachable magazine, and can fire up to two thousand meters.”

“So, what are you going to name it?” Jensen asked, leaning his chair back on two legs and peering over at Cougar.

“I’m not sure yet, I’ll know after a good run.”

Cougar fell silent after the bout of chattiness brought on by a new tool in the group. Aisha swooped in with intel, removing her head scarf and tossing her hair out as she unfurled the map on the table. She gave a quick change of pace as everyone huddled around the table, Jensen hopping into a pair of jeans as he pulled up tableside.

“It looks like they’re keeping the scientists here,” Aisha said, pointing to a spot on the map, “but it’s swarming with guards, armed and guarded to the teeth.” She fished into her tank top before tossing down a small memory chip in front of Jensen. “I got as many pictures as I could.”

Jensen eyed the chip for a long moment before moving to the computer to load up the images so they could get to work.

“Looks like this is going to potentially be a problem,” Pooch drawled as he shuffled in beside Jensen.

“There’s a bunch of security protocols too, but none of the tech seemed to be on site.”

“That’s smart.” Jensen pushed up his glasses with his finger and continued typing. “That way if any part of the site is compromised they still have their hostages.”

“That means you’ll have to shut it down off site,” Clay muttered, clearly not liking the sound of that.

“No problemo, I can shut it down and meet you guys in time for explosions.”

They bickered for a while before giving into the consensus that Jensen and Aisha would go deal with the tech and that Pooch, Clay and Cougar would head up to the base.

“Go time in fifteen, guys.”

Jensen nodded and everyone filtered out of the room, going about their pre-mission routines, whatever they were. Jensen just turned back to his laptop and continued to type, he was humming Clarence Clearwater’s “I Put a Spell on You” when a long, shuddering creak drew his attention. He tossed a look over his shoulder and saw Cougar leaning, hip flushed against the edge of the table and his new McMillan Tac-50 resting casually against his shoulder. They shared a long look before Cougar tipped his head back with a self-righteous smirk and strode out of the room, fingers tapping against the butt of his rifle.

Jensen rocked out of the chair, his bare feet making quiet noise on the floor and his jeans easing low on his hips as he strolled his way through the halls. He ducked easily into the room of the ramshackle house they were calling home, and Cougar was leaning against an empty dresser, his new, trusty gun now resting against his knee as he peered out the window pretending to be solemn. Jensen knew that in a second the gun could be snapped up and a round could be off another half second after that.

Jensen closed the door without being asked and strode over to Cougar’s side. The darker haired male turned his head, peering into Jensen’s eyes for a long moment before looking away again, out into the billowing sand. Jensen turned his head and watched too, his breath held as he waited, between moments and actions, for something to happen.

“You like my new gun, mm?”

“It’s no Maria.”

Jensen practically heard Cougar smirk and he let his body easily be pulled against Cougar’s as the elder male wrapped a hand around Jensen’s wrist and pulled him tight against his body. Jensen shuddered, if they had more time, he knew Cougar would be more powerful, manhandle him the way he liked and full exploit his tech and weaponry kinks, but it wasn’t the time.

When his back hit the wall Jensen groaned, his hands sliding up Cougar’s tightly coiled back to grip at his shoulders and push his hips up with insistent, greedy noises. Cougar swore, hands pushing greedily into Jensen’s loose jeans and his boxers as he bit at the blond’s neck. His fingers pushed into Jensen and he made a dirty noise of pleasure when he found his lover slick from their morning exploits and the wireless, remote controlled egg still resting snugly inside him.

Jensen made a noise of pleasure as his brows knitted and his hips shoved up, desperate for friction. “Cougs, please.”

“Patience, papi.”

Jensen arched as Cougar’s fingers flexed and pushed against the toy before his fingers slid out as he worked Jensen’s jeans and boxers down to his knees and crushed their mouths together as he wrapped a hand around Jensen’s half-hard cock and stroked lazily. Cougar’s free hand fished into his pocket and he ran his thumb down the set of dials on the remote before clicking it on. Jensen mewled and arched his back, breaking the kiss as he let his head tip back against the wall and exposed his throat to Cougar’s mouth.

Jensen’s eyes snapped open and he jerked against the wall as Cougar slid down to his knees and wrapped his mouth around the head of his erection. Deft fingers divested Cougar of his hat as Jensen buried the fingers of one hand into the thick locks and bucked his hips, stuffing his free hand into his mouth to keep himself quiet. Jensen let his fingers curl encouragingly at the base of Cougar’s neck as his knees locked and his hips rocked as the fire in his belly built steadily..

“Carlos I’m --” Before Jensen could finish the sentence the stimulus stopped and his eyes snapped open and he peered down through fogged and smudged glasses to see Cougar snapping a cock ring in place and sliding back to his feet, smoothing down his hair and adjusting his hat back onto his head. “You fucker!”

Cougar easily dodged the half-hearted punch and refitted Jensen’s clothing before pressing a kiss to his mouth. Sweet and chaste before pulling back and framing Jensen’s face and then leaning in for a lingering, deep kiss. “We’ll finish when we get back.”

Jensen’s chest heaved and he glared. Slowly he softened as he realized it was Cougar’s wordless way of assuring him they would get through this. He nodded and curled his fingers round Cougar’s neck and hauled him in for a biting kiss. “Deal.”

When they pulled away Cougar smirked at Jensen as he thrust his hand into his pocket and hauled up his new gun, resting it against his shoulder. His smirk grew wicked as he watched Jensen’s eyes rake over the powerful weapon and let his thumb flick over the dial in his pocket. Jensen shuddered against the wall, hand groping back against it for support as he captured his lower lip in his teeth to keep from making noise. Cougar admired the debauched image for a long moment before turning the dial off and nuzzling against Jensen’s shoulder once, playfully.

“I hate you.”

“You too.”

They kissed tenderly before Cougar tipped his hat. “Nos vemos, papi.”

Jensen saluted as Cougar exited the room. He watched the doorway for a long moment before sliding on a shirt and slipping on his shoes. He crossed out of the room and gathered up his laptop, sliding it into his pack. As the front door swung shut and the range rover outside revved up, Jensen jolted in his seat as the toy inside him vibrated.

He was going to kill Cougar.


For those curious the gun Cougar got is this one.

Date: 2010-08-04 01:24 am (UTC)
damion_starr: (Default)
From: [personal profile] damion_starr
Holy crap that was hot.....and omg, that gun. *fans self*

.......I need a shower now.......

Date: 2010-08-04 01:41 am (UTC)
marvinetta: (Default)
From: [personal profile] marvinetta
Holy crap that's hot. And there's totally going to be more right?

Date: 2010-08-04 08:43 am (UTC)
katemonkey: Cougar looks downwards his face obscured in darkness and his cowboy hat. (luscious)
From: [personal profile] katemonkey
Ha! Cougar, you bastard!

This was awesome. And we definitely need more of this.

Date: 2010-08-04 02:45 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] secret_agent
*fans self*
More plz?


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